With research, the positive correlation between successful implementation of ICTs and economic development has been proven. It therefore follows that, since most of SSA countries’ economies are driven by the agricultural sector, investments in agricultural-based ICTs should lead to GDP growth in these countries. By integrating indigenous and scientific drought forecasts, ITIKI has partially achieved this goal. ITIKI Plus on the other, enhances ITIKI by incorporating cropping information to support farmers’ tactical and routine decisions.  Through pilots projects run in Kenya, Mozambique and South Africa, we demonstrate the assertion that farmers’ production is improved, using technologies such as: 

  • Machine learning
  • Computer vision
  • Artificial neural network
  • Fuzzy cognitive mapping
  • Semantic technology
  • Wireless sensor network
  • Internet of Things
  • Ontology
  • Big Data
  • Knowledge representation
  • Stream processing.




Dr Mwagha

Dr Mwagha career spans academic teaching and research to industry and he has over a decade experience leading research and solution development involving computing technologies. Prior to joining academics, He was an ICT Officer for e-government, a Kenyan government directorate that develops and supports solutions for public services.  He has he held faculty positions in computer science departments at Pwani University and Taita Taveta Universities in Kenya. He holds a Ph.D. Information Technology (CUT, Free State) and MSc in Computer Science (University of Nairobi) as well as a B.S. in Computer Mathematics and Science (Kenya Methodist University). He has research interests span the Internet of Things, Machine Learning, Computer Vision and Fuzzy Cognitive Mapping. 


Ms Mbele

Ms Mbele is an Information Technology Lecturer at Central University of Technology with a history of teaching software development and networking. She holds a Master’s Degree in Information Technology from Central University of Technology (2018). Her research is based on “maintaining sustainable cities” she is currently developing an environmental pollution monitoring tool that integrates scientific and local knowledge for the District of Lejweleputswa, she received a Women in Science award from the Department of Science and Technology (DST) for her research in 2016. 


Ms Tanki

Tanki Moloabi is a Deputy Director at the Free State Provincial Treasury (Bloemfontein) in South Africa and the head of the Information Technology Unit. She holds a BTech degree (2003-2005) from the Central University of Technology (CUT) in Bloemfontein, South Africa and has received a Master’s degree in the specialised field of Information and Technology from CUT in April 2019. Ms. Moloabi has an extensive managerial experience as an IT expert playing the role of, among others, server administrator, manager of the ICT Team (including programmers, ICT Security, server administrator) and ICT Governance framework implementation at Provincial Treasury. Currently, she is a member of: Provincial Treasury ICT Steering committee, the Provincial Government Information Technology Council, an Advisory committee to all Heads of Department of the FS Provincial Government (FSPG) on the implementation of technological innovations, IT infrastructure and system design within the public sector to ensure seamless service delivery and system interlinkages. 


Ms Thotela

Ms Thotela completed her National Diploma in Information Technology, Cum Laude, with Central University of Technology, and she majored in Software development. She then went on to complete her Bachelor of Technology, Cum Laude at the same institution. She is currently studying towards her Master of Technology in Information Technology. Portia is a passionate and determined woman who has lived to defy the odds, and practices excellence in everything that she commits to. One of her passions is women empowerment and she believes that by changing one life, you could change a nation. She is the founder of Your Dream Dance and grooming Academy, which is a Non-profit organization with the aim to empower women and children in disadvantaged communities.


Mr Ts’itso Maphats’oe

Mr Maphats’oe obtained his Masters in Information technology in 2017, under the supervision of Professor Muthoni Masinde. It was through this period he learned about and became involved in the wonderful initiative that is URIDA, as well as the novel methods through which we may try and combat food shortages by predicting and preparing for dry drought seasons in Africa.

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