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ITIKI Launch & Workshop, July 20-21, 2019

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The challenge we addressed

Droughts remain the number one disaster in Africa, and of all the people affected by all types of disasters, drought is responsible for over 88% of them. There is currently no appropriate drought-forecasting tool for smallholder farmers. Farmers continue to rely on their indigenous knowledge to reach critical cropping decisions.

Our Solution

Our drought early warning system forecasting tool integrates indigenous and scientific drought forecasting and uses a mobile application, a web portal, and SMS service to pool weather information through a network of sensors that monitor weather conditions for smallholder farmers. The system is anchored on the novel integration framework called Information Technology and Indigenous Knowledge with Intelligence (ITIKI), forecasts are available via the ITIKI Smartphone App and USSD service.

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Indigenous knowledge ensures that the system is relevant, acceptable and resilient. ITIKI further employs three ICTs (mobile phones, wireless sensor networks, and artificial intelligence) to enhance the system’s effectiveness, affordability, sustainability, and intelligence.

ITIKI - Drought Prediction Tool

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